This is the default form

This theme only uses some very basic styles and provides some instructions for the Form Designer workflow. You can always start your projects with this, removing the elements you don't need while updating the styles where needed. You can create your own starter theme by saving the updated project as a theme (under the file menu). Items or sections can also be added to the Components Library for use in future layouts.

Below there are 4 sections that provide some essential guidance.

1. single input Form Elements

Below you find a collection of styled form elements. Each element consists of a Label Container with the following inside:

To view and style the error messages head over to the Element pane and toggle the visibility using the eye icon. The error message can be removed if not needed.

2. choice Form Elements

These elements are little bit more complex than the ones above. They allow for creative visual form select options as can be seen in the demos.

We will provide these demos as themes in one of the next updates, together with instructions on how to create them.

Check options

An easy way of adding checkboxes is to select their Label container and duplicate it.

Select an option

3. Element Variations

Labels can be placed at different positions around the input(s). You can also work with different types of elements such as icons. Just make sure the form remains accessible (since screen readers can't read icons...)

4. Buttons

The (submit) buttons can already be molded into (almost) any shape. More examples will be added here soon.